#ChatSocialGraces about Social Media Nightmares! What are yours?

Welcome to the 2nd Twitter Chat! #ChatSocialGraces

I’m so excited to be announcing the first few stellar guests for #ChatSocialGraces. Make sure that you subscribe to my chat reminders to be among the first to know when that announcement is made! Trust me, you’re going to want to be present for these Twitter chats!

This month, tomorrow, in fact, we are going to discuss “Social Media Nightmares!” Did you have a client post something inappropriate to your Facebook Timeline? Did you make a faux pas when discussing a property? Do you know about FHA rules when creating your ads?

Watch what you're posting on social media!
Photo credit: Stefan Cosma via Unsplash

Think about things you’ve done wrong, or that you’ve seen others posting, and let’s embrace the horrors together and try to find solutions moving into our future social media management! Right now, I’m remembering a local realtor who posted on her public Instagram feed a photo equivalent to dancing on the table in a bar. Don’t do that!


Let’s chat! #ChatSocialGraces: April 5, 2018, at 1 pm Pacific on Twitter. Use the hashtag to join the conversation and make sure you tag me, @SocialWithCat!

One thought on “#ChatSocialGraces about Social Media Nightmares! What are yours?

  1. Cat Smith Post authorReply

    I can tell you my first nightmare just by going live with this post! Looking at the Tweets in the side-bar, I’ve got an announcement for the Twitter Chat happening on Wednesday instead of Thursday! Oh, good grief.

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