Mii Amo’s #ResolutionRefresh

Here is another hashtag opportunity to get in on, and it may even get you a prize. Now, I don’t know how I ended up on Mii Amo’s email list. I’m guessing third party sign up of some sort. I’ve never been there and only know it’s a destination resort because it says so under the title.

I did say you should only participate in a hashtag promotion if you believe in the product or service. This is slightly different though, because they are promoting a lifestyle. Check out the text that comes from rolling over the first link in this graphic:

Mii Amo #resolutionrefresh details

They give you several hashtags you can use to participate with all of the folks celebrating #ResolutionRefresh with them. They have created a promotion that always puts their business in the limelight, but also includes a subculture in a conversation.

Resolution Fresh | Mii Amo Spa Resort Sedona AZ


“The month of July marks the halfway point of the year. A time to reconnect with your goals, intentions, and discover your best self. Celebrate with Mii Amo and end your year refreshed and renewed.”

So whether you are the sporty adventurous type and you want to hashtag them in your activities, or you are realizing the lack of follow through on your 2016 resolutions, get out and share you photos using #ResolutionRefresh plus #healthyliving, #travelmore, or even #iforgot! And explore the hashtags similar to yours to engage with other taggers.

If you want more information on the resort or their promotion, visit Mii Amo’s Official Site. And if you’ve been there, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Also feel free to share links to your hashtags!


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