My top 10 takeaways from Inman’s Tech Connect Free Day

“Wow.” It’s the only word I can come up with for yesterday’s Inman Connect SF “Free Day” at the Conference. I wrote feverishly through every presenter and came home with so many new things to try, new tech ideas in my head, and even… fidget spinners! From each panel, I realized that one thing said in each presentation really stood out. With that in mind, here is a recap of Inman’s Tech Connect in one line from each speaker:

Agents vs Zillow

1) Survival of the Tech Fittest with Josh Team of Keller Williams

While the numbers of web traffic and unique visitors are going up by huge numbers on sites such as Zillow, “91.5% of home buyers are still closing with agents.”


2) Double Your Business with Online Leads & Lead Conversion with Jess Zagorsky, broker/owner of Live. Love. San Diego Homes; Katie Maxwell, Managing Broker of Intero Real Estate, Keith Dunham, CEO of Homecity Real Estate; and Rachel Adams, realtor/owner/author, Keller Williams Realty

The #1 takeaway: You must have a follow-up system for leads.

3) Five in 5: My best tech tips in 300 Seconds with Katie Lance

“The gold is in your email list.”

4) The Importance of the Neighborhood with Nirav Tolia, co-founder of Next Door

“Real Estate is the largest category of business pages on”

5) Google Search & Real Estate: What You Can’t Afford Not to Know with Melinda Bennet, Partner Lead at Google

Melinda says that when someone does a search, it’s like they are raising their hand: “I want that condo in the city!”

6) Five in 5: My Best Tech Tips in 300 Seconds with Eddie Arguelles

As many of the presenters this year, quoting Gary Vaynerchuk was very popular: “Be the digital mayor of your town.” Be your local expert.

7) Instagram and leads? Who knew!? With Scott Shapiro, Senior Client Partner at Facebook

75% of Instagram users “take action after being inspired by a post.”

Some other memorable quotes from later in Agent Connect:

8) When creating content about your neighborhood, have people talk about the benefits that are “not Google-able.” ~ Kendyl Young

9) “Thank goodness our cameras still make phone calls.” ~ Chelsea Peitz

10) “It’s not a live stream. It’s a life stream.” ~ Chelsea Peitz

As I mentioned, Gary Vaynerchuk was mentioned quite a bit, so I wanted to share his keynote address from last year. Enjoy and please share what your favorite Tuesday moment was!

Dinner with Katie Lance and #GetSocialSmart

Also, a special shout out to Katie and Paul Lance of Katie Lance Consulting and #GetSocialSmart Academy! Thank you for the wonderful dinner and conversation at Roy’s! I look forward to learning even more from you!





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