Show us your Shutterfly Promotion #MyShutterfly

#MyShutterflyThere are easy ways to gain exposure for your social profiles, one of them being participation in a hashtag promotion from a favorite brand or service. I suggest that you choose to add these to your posting schedules only if it’s a product or service you believe in. Yes, you want exposure, but you want to be genuine at the same time.

Today, Shutterfly’s newsletter asked to “Show us your Shutterfly!” While the form says “Submit an Entry” and there are “Official Rules,” this isn’t a contest. Just a way of sharing photos of a common theme.

Shutterfly is one of my favorite services, that’s how I received the newsletter. If you’ve never used Shutterfly, click this invitation link to get a free photo book ($29.99 value) and check them out for yourself. Admittedly there is something in it for me. I will also get a free book, which is the only way I have physical prints of my photos these days! Anyway, that’s there if you’d like to take advantage of it. #MyShutterfly

“Good things come in orange packages, right? Share your favorite Shutterfly moments, creative projects or photos you love using #MyShutterfly.”
Basically, you have a large window to be creative. The important part is TO BE creative! What is the goal in participating in a hashtag  promotion? To get noticed, and once noticed, to hopefully gain followers.
How this all works:
  • Take a photo (or more!) of products you’ve purchased from Shutterfly. Most people are being literal about that. A picture of a mug. A picture of a t-shirt. That is not creative! Take your beach pictures and photograph them in the sand. Show a photo on your mantel with a child on their toes trying to see it. Get creative!
  • Post it on social media. Use the hashtag: #MyShutterfly
  • This is their shortened URL from posting to social media: If you follow that you can see the Official Rules and the stream of photos being posted from Instagram and Twitter. There is also a form to fill out to simply submit the photo to them, but I don’t suggest it. You’re trying to be noticed on the social platforms and you miss that by submitting.
  • Take a minute to search the hashtag via your profiles and “like” the interesting ones. You are now engaging with a community!
  • The goal? Other people are checking that page link above and searching the hashtag on social media. When they see a picture that catches their eye, they look at the person who posted it. That absolutely can lead to a follower!
  • Final tip: Clicking through to your profile only does so much. If you aren’t posting regularly and your photos or posts aren’t interesting, they will not decide to follow you. Don’t just be interesting with this hashtag. Always aim to be entertaining, informative, or inspiring.

Here is an example from my Instagram:



Feel free to share a link to your photo below! I’d love to go give you a like and share! And if you order the free photo book, let me know how it came out!

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